Friday, August 29, 2014

Full Coverage Powder Foundation!

Recently I have been out makeup shopping more than normal. During these little adventures I have been stopped by makeup artists and other shoppers asking me about what foundation I am wearing. I have quickly told them about the foundation I am going to talk about today. Those that struggle with oily skin like I do sometimes find it hard to find products that work for them. So when I find something that works for me I am happy to suggest it to others.
About a month ago I was on the hunt for the perfect powder foundation that would hold up against all odds. I personally prefer a medium to full coverage, so sometimes finding a powder foundation that will give me coverage without being cakey is difficult. I was shopping online on IT Cosmetics' website and found the Celebration Foundation, which is a full coverage Ani-Ageing Foundation with Hydrolyzed, Peptides with Drops of Light Technology.  
I picked up the shade Tan due to seeing reviews that this foundation ran light. I am about Medium to tan in color so I felt that this would work great on me. I did not expect this to be that light and found that the shade tan was a perfect match for my skin. You can see from the picture above, it completely matches my skin and covers amazingly.
I purchased this foundation in a kit that also contained this Dual ended brush. I find this brush is simply amazing and is great at apply this foundation on my face and giving it an airbrushed appearance to the face. If you are on the market for a truly full coverage powder foundation, I highly recommend this one. I even use this daily lightly to top my liquid foundation to make my face "flawless." If you are not sure what shade will work for you, I recommend visiting your local ULTA to swatch them for yourself.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Sponsor Highlight: Ashleigh from Fashion Writes

I often get the pleasure of having sponsors that are from many different backgrounds and that blog and many different things. Recently Ashleigh became one of my sponsors! She has the greatest style and a cute blog! I thought today would be perfect to introduce you to one of my most "stylish" sponsors! 
I'm a 20-something blogger who writes about fashion and beauty. I love photography and sewing. My favorite color is green. I've been blogging over three years now. 

What made you start blogging?
I decided to start a blog simply because it looked like a fun thing to try. A lot of my friends had blogs and I really enjoyed reading them. At first, I didn't know what I would blog about, but after a while, things fell into place. 

How did you come up with the name of your blog?
Actually, the name of my blog has changed about ten times since I started! I know, crazy indecisive. I don't even remember the first title I came up with back in 2011. I finally settled on Fashion Writes after blogging under The Preppy Polka Dot for more than a year. I wanted a title that spoke more about the blog than about me. 

Who/What are your largest blogging influences?
The biggest influencers for my blog would be other fashion bloggers (I have a few I follow religiously), and Pinterest. That site is addicting. I kind of like to influence myself (is that even possible?) by picking out items and seeing if I can put them together in a new and unique way. Style should be something you like, not something society says you should wear. 

If you could switch places with a blogger for the day who would it be and why?
This is hard. There are so many great blogger out there. I would have to say either Merrick from Merrick's Art, or Alexandra from Into The Woods. Both are complete opposites, but I love their sense of fashion. 

Make sure you head over and check out Ashleigh's blog

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Let's Talk Head & Shoulders!

How many of you have ever experienced those pesky flakes in your hair that can be embarrassing? I for one find that my addiction to the beach causes my scalp to become dry and sometimes causes flakes. Additionally sometimes I find that coloring my hair can irritate my scalp causing me to the point where I need some Head & Shoulders!

A few words from Head & Shoulders:

  • Head & Shoulders Fresh Scent Technology combines proprietary scalp technology to give the hair amazing benefits with a water-activated fragrance boost. 
  • Scent Skus include Green Apple, Smooth & Silky, Classic Clean and Damage Rescue.
  • Head & Shoulders technologists worked with leading fragrance creators to make treating dandruff a more pleasurable experience. 

Wondering how it all works?

This product is activated by water which make the scent have an impact on the user. The believe that their products start working from the fist wash and leave hair 100% flake-free after usage. This product also contains Proprietary form of zinc pyrithione which effectively maximizes the coverage of the active ingredients for superior scalp care.
I will say that the smell of this shampoo and conditioner is simply amazing. I admit that I spent the first few minutes of this product just smelling it. I have to say I was surprised that after washing my hair I found that this smell lingered throughout the day, which I rather enjoyed. I was also worried that this shampoo would be too harsh on my color treated hair, but as you can see below in the pictures, my highlights are still bold and beautiful! I also found that after usage my hair felt so soft!
 Since recently I chopped my hair off I wear my hair either bumped half up and half down or my bangs pulled to to side. I find that this are my two favorite styles with this hairstyle. I am trying to grow my hair back out after I received a less than desired haircut. As you can see from the photos my highlighted hair was not faded at all! flakes!
Now for the fun part! There is a major casting call going on now! I highly suggest that you participate in the #PartOfOurFamily sweepstakes for a chance to meet Sofia Vergara! Head & Shoulders has been part of the Vergara family for over 20 years because of the product's surprising benefits. I too have used this line to combat flakes for as long as I can remember. To Enter all you need to do is:

  • Follow @HeadShoulders on Twitter and post a photo of your gorgeous flake-free hair, tagging #PartOfOurFamily #sweeps and @HeadShoulders.
This sweepstakes kicked off on Monday, August 18th and will run until September 1st! The Winner will have the opportunity to meet Sofia at an upcoming Head & Shoulders advertising shoot.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.