Friday, July 25, 2014

I took The Blogmopolitan Quiz!

I always forget to do the Blogmopolitian quiz that Erin at Two Thirds Hazel has been posting, but this time I was determined to do this and link it up. I personally love this idea and am a fan of reading the celebrity quizzes in cosmo every month. 

I found this to be so much fun, so let me know if you did this quiz so I can head over and read your answers! I hope you have a great weekend! I am actually going to catch up with blogging this weekend so if you are doing something amazing let me know so I can live vicariously through you! 
Linking up with Whit! I hope you enjoy this jam and may it get you in the weekend mood! P.S. If you haven't seen the Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer click here but do so at your own risk! 

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Help Needed!

I often face a big issue when doing my makeup that I seem to never can resolve. Shadows seem to follow me everywhere and cause mistakes that are often not recognized till it's too late.  It seems regardless of how I twist and shift my body, the area where I do my makeup is purely disastrous when it comes to applying makeup. 
I am constantly plagued with trying to find a solution to in efforts to make my beautification process easier. I always see the prettiest lighting set ups in videos, but when I see the large price tags I am often put off by them. When I was doing makeup the other morning I finally realized that I had enough of the bending and twisting just to get a good idea of what my makeup looks like. 

I begin thinking of all the time I have spent on pinterest and on Google looking for a solution and realized that the best place to ask this would be here on the blog. I hope that perhaps you all would have suggestions! I have been thinking about Hollywood mirrors but the idea for paying that much for one is ridiculous to me. I am wanting something that is inexpensive and not one that requires electrical work.  
That would be your normal reaction watching me do makeup in the morning. I would greatly appreciate any ideas and suggestions of what to do or even share what you use. My vanity is in a dip in the wall and so there are tremendous shadows that I can't bare any longer. If you have the perfect set up then I would like to see it! If you wrote about it then I want to read it! Leave all of this in the comments below! Thanks in advance lovelies! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sensationally Sunkissed! {July Ipsy Bag Reveal}

I apologize. I am so forgetful in remembering to post my ipsy bag reveals each month. I am often so busy that posting these slips my mind. So in the future I hope to be better at this. It's not that I don't like Ipsy, in fact getting my Ipsy bag is something I look forward to every month. 

This month's theme is Sensationally Sunkissed. Looking at the items in the bag, I feel that this name is quite appropriate in that there are product to leave you tan and your lips and cheeks kissable. I have to admit that the cookie cutter pink makeup bag this month was adorable. Receiving makeup bags each month is a big reason I chose this subscription service. I mean who doesn't need more makeup bags? After all a girl can never have enough of them! Moral to the story this bag gets an A+. I am very curious as to if this bag is actually waterproof, because that would be amazing!

Diving into the bag. I saw a good mixture of products this month. I am most excited about the Hang Ten Dark Tanning oil! I am only a few shades darker than Casper at the moment, which is progress but hopefully this will help me get the summer glow I have been lusting for this year. Overall, I like this product and it smells amazing! 

Elizabeth Mott is a brand that I have recently through Ipsy became interested in trying more products. I have to say tints and stains are not my thing, so I will be gifting this to someone. The overall size and shade of this product is great, and I feel that if was into tints and stains that I would love this. However, being my picky self, I am sure this is great just not for me. 

Daily Moisturizers are products I use multiple times a day. Due to having a few open at the moment I am keeping the Befine Skin Care Daily Moisturizer I received, sealed due to it containing SPF. However, I am always looking for new moisturizers that won't cause breakouts and will be trying this one. It is Allergen Free, Cruelty Free, Paraben Free and full of vegetarian Proteins. The ingredients look great in this one, so if you are looking for a daily Moisturizer then I recommend trying this one!

Pur Minerals is a brand I have actually tried before. This month I received the Pur Minerals Big Look Waterproof mascara with Argan oil. I really thought I was imagining things when I saw it contained Argan oil. Though this is a bit odd for a mascara, I thought it was rather interesting. Being that I have a few tubes of mascara open already, I am not going to open this one. Fun Fact is that you are suppose to throw away open mascaras after 3 months, however I normally keep mine past this date. I tend to keep mine up to six months due to my inability to leave them unopened. Should you experience eye irritations or the mascara smelling funky I suggest you toss it. However, should I try this mascara I will give you an update. I love the packaging and ingredients of this product nad can't wait to try it. IF you are interested in purchasing this check the Shop This post portion of this post!
When I heard BareMinerals was going to be included in this month's bag I was super excited. The anticipation of what this product would be was near insanity. Cream or powder playing through my mind more than ever. I was truly hoping for blush or eye shadow. Of course I was thinking powder due to the knowledge of this brand. However, I was super excited when I open my bag and found a cream eye shadow. Not just any cream eye shadow, but rather a 5-in-1 BB Advanced Cream shadow. It is suppose to last 12 hours so I will be testing this soon. I love the color and how pigmented this product is and can't wait to pick up more colors! I highly recommend trying this! Check out the Shop This Post portion of this post to purchase this product. 

Overall this was an amazing glam bag! Interesting in picking up any of these products? Check below Shop this post for links to purchase everything seen in this post!

Befine Skin Care Daily Moisturizer Retails for: 24.00
Elizabeth Mott Tint & Sass Retails for: 22.99
Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil Retails for: 11.99

Were you Sensationally Sunkissed this month? Interested in joining Ipsy? Well just click here to start your glam journey!